Completed Dual Studies

Mats, Dual Studies in Business Administration

How did your dual studies go and have your expectations been fulfilled?

Absolutely! In the first 3,5 years of my studies, I could combine the benefits of a vocational training and the benefits from my studies. With that, I was able to combine a lot of theoretical and practical experience in different sections. In the end, this enabled me to get an optimal start into the working life.

Since when have you completed your dual studies?

Since March 2018.

What was the most exciting project/experience?

For me, it was most exciting to manage one product with having the full responsibility for example to detect potentials, market the product and to create selling strategies.

How was the transition from a dual student to a full-time employee?

In my case, it was a fluid transition between my Bachelor exam and the start at VELOX as full-time employee. I am very sure, VELOX also allows flexible solutions.

What is your job now at VELOX?

I am a Junior Sales Manager for the plastics department.

To whom would you recommend these dual studies?

Primarily, everyone who wants an international career in a dynamic environment. Due to flat hierarchies at VELOX, it is easy for everyone to bring in new ideas. So basically anyone who wants to be creative and wants to realise own ideas is right at VELOX.

Do you have any advice for applicants?

Proactivity is very important at VELOX. I would advise applicants to always search for an open and honest dialogue.



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