During Dual Studies

Frederike, Dual Studies in Business Administration

What made you choose studying Business Administration and why at VELOX?

Why did I choose a dual degree course? - Good question :-)
I liked the idea of combining practice and theory and thus getting insights into everyday working life while studying. Furthermore, having the tuition fees covered is a financial advantage of the dual study programme as well as being given a good chance to be taken on full time after graduating. My decision to study Business Administration is mainly based on my interest in economics. In addition to that, a degree in Business Administration offers a variety of career opportunities.
Ultimately, I decided to go for VELOX as I find the industry VELOX operates in very exciting. The organisation gives me the opportunity to gain international experience and get to know the different areas of the business.

When did you start your course?

I started in October 2016 in the organisation followed by the first theory phase at the Nordakademie in January 2017.

How is your course being structured?

The study is structured in blocks. Each semester, I spend 10 weeks at the Nordakademie and the rest of my semester at VELOX.

What was your most exciting project/experience so far?

My most exciting experience so far was my two-months’ work abroad assignment in our office in Tring, UK.
At the moment, I am able to get more into the responsibilities of a product manager which allows me to look after a supplier in the process.

Who would you recommend the dual studies programme at VELOX to?

I would recommend the dual study programme in cooperation with VELOX to everyone who is interested in being part of an international company and willing to take on responsibility. Furthermore, one should be able to work independently and not be afraid to communicate with customers, suppliers and colleagues - in English as well.
Anyone who enjoys a multicultural work environment is in the right place at VELOX.

Do you have any advice for applicants?

Knowledge in the chemical sector is not a requirement, for studying here however a general interest in this sector would be beneficial. The required knowledge is taught in the respective departments. Nevertheless, it is good to have some basic interest in the products and the industry.
If you want to do a dual degree course, you should be aware that this is more time-consuming compared to studying at a non-dual university and that you need good self-discipline.

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