Dual Student Julian at Compamed 2018

Hello Everyone,
I am Julian, 20 years old and I just started my dual studies in International Business in the beginning of October 2018. As I have periods of work and university, I will be in different divisions at VELOX for each period. The first division, I will be in for the next six months, is called medical plastics. During my first couple of days, I had been shown around as well as given a little introduction into the product portfolio of VELOX and a more comprehensive one for the medical division.

After six weeks, I already feel like I have a more detailed view of the industry. Very luckily, I was given the opportunity to meet the industries’ main players at the world’s biggest medical fair, the Medica/Compamed in Düsseldorf on 12.-15. November 2018. It was very exciting and interesting to meet those companies not only to see them and their products but moreover to be able to talk to them and to touch their products.

Especially touching the products and seeing where they are used helped me a lot to understand the high requirements of our products. Generally, it has so far been a great time and my colleagues are very helpful and patient to explain me the “World of Polymers”.




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