Our Trainee Blog Founder

Hi, I am Eren, one of the trainees in our office in Hamburg.

I started my vocational training for Import/Export Merchant in August 2017. At the Moment, I am in the second year of my vocational training. Since August 2018, I am working in the Marketing department. My tasks include assisting the colleagues for the organization of fairs, creating mailings or translating advertisements. My main project though was to create a Trainee Blog for our homepage. The idea for the trainee blog came from different colleagues within the company and was then concluded between our Online Marketing Manager and the HR department. The meaning of a trainee blog is to bring you closer to the working life of our trainees and dual students. I thought, the best way to do this is when all trainees and students at VELOX tell their stories and report about their daily routines. That is why I created and conducted interviews for all trainees and dual students, as well as some interns and working students. Moreover, I think it will be good to share our newest updates with you in our “News Blog” section. So that is how our trainee blog was born. I hope you will enjoy the visit to our trainee blog!!!

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