Completed Vocational Training


What kind of vocational Training did you complete?

I completed the vocational Training as an Import/Export Merchant, with a Focus on Export.

How did your vocational training go? Did the training meet you expectations?

From the beginning my Impression of VELOX was very positive. Due to the flat hierarchies I immediately felt integrated and it was great to see that I could also contribute to the succes by sharing ideas. Even though I had shortened my vocational training from 2.5 years to 2 years, VELOX managed to deliver all important topics that I needed to take my exams. I felt very well trained in all areas as by running through various departments and therefore I was able to apply my know-how in daily business. Overall I can say that my expectations were fully met.

What was your most exciting project/experience so far?

The most exciting project during my time as a trainee was the participation of the "K", an international Plastics and Rubber fair, in Düsseldorf. I was able to see the machinery in real, including injection moulding as well as blow moulding manufacturing processes. Everything I have seen and learned on the "K" has been a great benefit.

How did the transition from being a trainee to becoming a full time employee go?

The transition went pretty smooth. After receiving the results of my written exam, I was yet to take my oral test which I had luckily passed. From one minute to another it was all over. The most exciting time of my vocational training went by so fast. All over sudden I wasn´t a trainee any longer. After completing my vocational training and moving on to become a full time employee, I did not feel any significant changes since I had already spent 11 months with the purge compounds team.

What is your current position at VELOX?

After completing 2 years in Customer Service and Logistics with the purge compounds team, I am now working as a Sales Assistant in the Additives team. 

Who would you recommend this vocational training at VELOX to?

I would recommend the vocational training at VELOX to everyone who is interested in working in an international and dynamic enviromment where proactivity and creativity is being well supported.

Do you have any advice for applicants?

Don´t be afraid to submit your application just because your knowledge in chemical sector might not be that great. As Long as you are willing to learn, you will be able to understand more as time passes. If you enjoy independency, VELOX could be the right choice for you, as you are being given the Chance of working independently.




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