During Vocational Training

Marc, Import/Export Merchant

Why did you choose the vocational training for Import/Export Merchant and why at VELOX?

I always liked talking about products that I was interested in. I finished four commercial traineeships during the time at a higher commercial school. It was also at that time, that I found my interest and talent in talking with customers and the overall office programs. I enjoy writing and talking in English and always knew that I would like to use it in my future work place. VELOX is the right place for me, as it is an international and exciting company.

When did your vocational training start?

My vocational training as a Import/Export Merchant started in February 2018.

How is your vocational training structured?

It is divided into different areas of each department. You can learn the different tasks of each employee in the particular department and six months should be more than enough time to learn everything you need to know and to be prepared for future tasks. I also go to vocational school on two days of each week.

What was the most exciting project/experience so far?

I like individual projects and the contact with customers. Here at VELOX, I can learn about my strengths and use my interests to finish tasks and getting better.

Who would you recommend this vocational training to?

Open-minded people that like to work fast and on their own in an international and friendly company with a good opportunity of having a permanent working place.

Do you have any advice for applicants?

You should have some interest in chemicals and in taking responsibility. Do not worry about your chemical knowledge as it comes with time and it only gets more interesting the longer you work in the sector. Even with little to no knowledge, the doors for opportunities at VELOX are open for you. You will get to know complex and different areas like for instance purging compounds. Moreover, it is always good to have basic Microsoft-Office skills. In the end, you should also be independent, fast, determined and be open to get the best work experience at VELOX.



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