VELOX and Ilium Composites announce new European distribution partnership

VELOX GmbH, a leading pan-European distributor of raw material specialities and solution provider for the plastics and composites industries, is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Ilium Composites, a manufacturer of unique and innovative glass reinforcements for closed mould and speciality applications.

In order to maximise market penetration and ensure first class service to all customers, Ilium recognised the need to collaborate with a partner that has a broad network, highly technical sales teams and a professional customer service reputation. Upon announcing the partnership, Colin Leatham-Locke, Ilium Composites Business Development Manager, commented, “We are delighted to join forces with VELOX, a company with a long and successful history in European distribution. This is a vital step in the growth of Ilium’s regional sales and it was a natural choice after meeting with the VELOX team. Both companies share a vison and culture which will ensure long term, mutual success and continued product innovation, in a market which demands the very highest levels of product quality and service”.

Ilium Composites develops and manufactures the advanced fibreglass reinforcements using a new and unique process technology that has been patented. One product range is dedicated to Closed Mould Processes (RTM, Light-RTM, Press), another range is devoted to the Pultrusion process. The specific reinforcements are being applied by customers in the transportation, construction, recreational and alternative energy industries.

VELOX will be providing the advanced fibreglass reinforcements across Europe, besides the DACH region and Spain.

“We are looking forward to a long and successful cooperation with Ilium Composites and are pleased to offer our customers in the different industries an even more expanded range of high-quality reinforcements”, says Serge Gradys, Business Unit Manager Composites at VELOX. “My special thanks go to Mr. Fabrice Defrance, European Commercial Manager at Ilium Composites, who put his trust in VELOX in the first place.”

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VELOX introduces Repsol’s Healthcare® brand at FAKUMA

VELOX GmbH is introducing Repsol, its new partner for pharmaceutical and medical applications, at this year’s FAKUMA (booth 5001 in Hall B5). Repsol is one of the leading polyolefin producers in Europe. Having integrated the full range of Repsol Healthcare® polyolefins into its specialised product portfolio, VELOX offers added value to customers who are looking for a diversification of their sources – especially with regard to risk management required in the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

“With over 40 years of experience, Repsol is a globally well-known producer of polyolefins. On the other hand, VELOX is very experienced in the medical and pharmaceutical plastics market in Europe and beyond”, highlights Siobhan Bastiansen, Market Manager Medical Plastics at VELOX. “Together, we are offering not only a unique portfolio of polyolefins but also qualified technical, commercial as well as regulatory support.”

Unique portfolio with PP, EVA, PE for pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices
VELOX provides medical polyolefins of the new Repsol Healthcare® brand – Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE) and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) – for the following application fields.

Application Fields:

- PP HOMO Syringes, inhalers, medical equipment, closures, trays, bags ...
- PP RANDOM Syringes, inhalers, medical equipment, closures, trays, bags ...
- LDPE BFS monodose, Blister packs
- HDPE Bottles, Containers
- EVA COPOLYMER IV bags, tubing

The products meet European & US Pharmacopoeias (USP/EP) requirements.

VELOX offers Repsol’s Healthcare® products in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

At FAKUMA (booth 5001 in hall B5), VELOX’ medical plastics team is looking forward to providing more insights on these new products as well as qualified advice on how to integrate them into the customer’s value chain.

About Repsol
is one of the leading energy groups and one of the top private oil companies in the world with presence in key areas of high potential in the international energy map. A global company that seeks the welfare of the people and is expected to build a better future through the development of smart energy.
Repsol, in its integrated Chemical activity, manufactures and markets a wide variety of products, ranging from base petrochemicals to derivatives. It is on the basis of this integration and its constant focus on value creation that Repsol has succeeded in securing its customers’ trust, with highly innovative and differentiated products and services; ensuring a sound business growth in the medium and long term; and marketing its products in more than 95 countries.

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Interview with François Minec, General Manager at VELOX

With almost 25 years of commercial and technical expertise in the plastics and composites industry, VELOX has built up a long-lasting and extensive worldwide network with suppliers for raw material specialities. In addition to the distribution of the partner products, the company has continued to expand its business activities and now goes the next step as a comprehensive solution provider developing and producing highly specialised and application-specific solutions for the plastics industry. Under the brand name PrimeTec® VELOX will be providing individual new developments as well as modifications for a wide range of products. First projects have already started. At FAKUMA (hall 5001, booth B5), VELOX’ experts will answer all questions regarding PrimeTec®.

What is PrimeTec®?
PrimeTec® is VELOX’ own brand for highly customised and application-specific technical plastics solutions. In addition to our vast portfolio of partner products we are also developing new tailored solutions or modifications of existing products that our clients otherwise cannot find on the market or where they need an alternative.

What will VELOX exactly provide under the brand PrimeTec®?
The range of solutions provided will contain all from smart modifications or adaptations for specific applications, alternatives to existing high-specific products to the development of completely new solutions not yet available on the market.

How will VELOX develop the customised solutions?
Depending on the solution needed, we will be producing the requested solutions ourselves within the facilities of our development partner SETUP Performance or in close cooperation with our longtime partner network. We will be cooperating closely with our customers, taking into consideration their specific needs and requirements and making sure they get fast and competent support. Besides, we are also able to develop and provide small quantities.

Is there already demand on the market?
In recent years, we have seen a growing demand for diverse high-end solutions that are not available on the market and need to be developed individually. We have already started with several PrimeTec® projects with existing and new clients, who need bespoke solutions for industrial and food applications.

What does PrimeTec® mean for VELOX?
With PrimeTec®, VELOX makes the next logical step from a distributor to a comprehensive solution provider. We have always been more than just a trader of raw material specialities. For the last 25 years we have provided our customers in the plastics, composites, rubber as well as paints and coatings industries in Europe and beyond with high-end materials in all quantities as well as with bespoke consulting, technical support, after-sales service, documentations and trainings.
With PrimeTec®, we will be offering specialities beyond our current portfolio. Therefore, we will find our what our customers need and cannot easily find on the market, or where they look for alternatives because of divers reasons, e. g. challenges regarding processing, small quantities, quality etc. We will than check our possibilities to develop that solution, providing our customers comprehensive support through all the following steps.

For further information contact VELOX’ Engineering Plastics experts at FAKUMA or under mailplastics(at), or visit VELOX’ website:

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Environmentally and health friendly, lightweight, highly efficient and economical: FRX Polymers Inc., the global leader in polymeric halogen-free flame retardant solutions, has announced the availability of its Nofia® non-halogenated polyphosphonates as a replacement for antimony trioxide (ATO) in brominated flame retardant products. VELOX GmbH is FRX Polymers’ exclusive distribution partner in Europe and provides a wide range of additives solutions as well as comprehensive technical support and consultation. Nofia® is best-suited for use in consumer electronics, textiles, building, construction and transportation markets.

“For the time being Nofia’s effectiveness as an ATO replacement has been reported in glass-filled nylon 66, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)”, says Jasmin Seebade, Product Manager Additives at VELOX. “The industry has been waiting for a non-toxic as well as more efficient and economic substitute for ATO for a long time. Now, that our partner FRX Polymers has successfully validated Nofia®’s use as an excellent synergist in brominated flame retardant systems, we are delighted to provide our European customers with a proven solution.”

Nofia® polyphosphonates are delivering lighter weight and reduced cost. In typical formulations, the end customer will start to experience a savings per part when using Nofia® versus ATO, when ATO prices are higher than about $5.5/kg. (see accompanying diagram below). Due to its polymeric nature, Nofia® will deliver improved mechanical properties compared to ATO and will not migrate or bleed out of the host plastic over time. In contrast, ATO has a tendency to migrate out of the host plastic over time. The elimination of health and environmental concerns associated with ATO is just another benefit of using Nofia®.

"Our unique non-halogenated flame retardants winning broad support across a range of applications and this new use is another example where Nofia polyphosphonates' versatility stands out," says Dr. Jan-Pleun Lens, Vice President, Research and Applications, for FRX Polymers.

Nofia® polyphosphonates are being sold as polymeric flame retardant additives, flame retardant engineering plastics, and as reactive flame retardant additives for thermosetting resins. During production a solvent-free process has been established with no waste by-products, to name only two sustainable green principles of this award-winning technology. 

VELOX is happy to provide more detailed information and samples on request.

Contact at VELOX:
Jasmin Seebade
Product Manager Additives
T: + 49 40 36968864
F: +49 40 369 688 88
E: seebade(at)

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We are delighted to have received again a very positive feedback with a 90 % recommendation rate from our Customer Satisfaction Survey aiming at better understanding our customers’ needs and easing their ordering process Thank you for your helpful feedback by which you also supported a good cause. As promised, VELOX has donated 1euro for each completed questionnaire to the VIVA CON AGUA water projects.

A great company is about a great team spirit. This summer VELOX participated with five teams at the 11th Mopo- Staffellauf 2017 in Hamburg, Germany, which is organised for a good cause.  At an all-time high of 2052 registered teams,  almost 10.300 people decided to run 5km through the biggest city park of Hamburg. But this was not the only broken record this year. Three out of five VELOX teams were faster than the fastest team from 2016.

VELOX team 5: 2:14:41 h
VELOX team 2: 2:15:16 h
VELOX team 1: 2:15:16 h

Best time: 2:18:30 h

Thank you all for participating at this event. We are already looking forward to 2018!

VELOX GmbH (“VELOX”), a leading distributor of raw material specialities for the plastics, composites, rubber, paints and coatings industries, presents its extensive medical polymers portfolio at MEDTEC Europe in Stuttgart, Germany. VELOX will be located at Booth No. G16 in Hall 1 during this specialised European event for medical component and service providers.

VELOX’ expert sales team is delighted to offer its medical range of thermoplastic polymer specialities which can be used in a wide variety of medical applications together with its co-exhibiting partners Arkema, Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Repsol, Topas Advanced Polymers and Trinseo.

For the first time VELOX presents Repsol’s medical polyolefins PP, PE and EVA under the new brand Repsol Healthcare® as well as  3D printing materials specific for medical applications from ADVANC 3D Materials.

With over 20 years of technical and commercial expertise VELOX is best-placed to understand requirements for medical packaging, non-implantable and implantable medical devices, dental materials, orthopaedics, pharmaceutical packaging, drug delivery systems, diagnostics and surgical equipment. If requested, VELOX’ dedicated medical team is able to provide solutions for customised compounds through its ISO 13485 certified partner IPC – Innovative Polymer Compounds. VELOX also offers assistance at design stage, fast delivery of small quantities, regulatory support as well as supply agreements.

Visit VELOX at Booth 1G16 to meet the team and explore the service offer.

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VELOX to distribute Anobex™ from MSM Poly

VELOX GmbH (“VELOX”), a European leader in the marketing and distribution of raw material specialities for the plastics, composites, additives and paints and coatings industries, is delighted to announce its distribution agreement with MSM Poly. VELOX is distributing acrylonitrile methyl acrylate copolymer (AMAC) latex resin which production is actively scaling up by MSM Poly at the moment. The company plans to sell under the trade name Anobex™ and is progressing with the delivery and installation of production equipment.

MSM Poly is developing Anobex™ as a replacement for the AMAC resin known as Barex®, which INEOS ceased manufacturing September 22. MSM Poly had been negotiating to acquire the Barex® name and related intellectual property from INEOS, but those discussions ended recently with no agreement. Peter Schmitt comments: “That development, however, has not impeded MSM Poly's efforts to bring Anobex™ to market”.

Customers now are receiving initial pilot lots and report successful equivalence testing. Inde-pendent laboratories also have confirmed that the material is equivalent, using industry standard testing procedures such as FTIR.

Additionally, according to MSM Poly managing member Peter Schmitt, companies already have successfully processed Anobex™ resin into both film and injection moulded parts.
Qualification runs of 1 to 5 tons will begin from February 2017 and will then go to customers for qualification and approval. MSM Poly plans to launch full commercial production of
Anobex™ resin by the fourth quarter next year.

VELOX is a leading European distributor of speciality materials for the plastics industry. The Hamburg-based company is an established distributor of highly innovative raw materials and provides its customers with an expert, personalised service thanks to its experienced Sales staff.

Contact at VELOX
Bernard Goursaud
Managing Director
T: +49 / (0)40 - 369 688-0
F: +49 / (0)40 - 369 688-88
E: goursaud(at)

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VELOX extends its plastics portfolio by VEMAB® PEEK

VELOX is a leading European distributor of speciality materials for the plastics industry. The Hamburg-based company is an established distributor of highly innovative raw materials and provides its customers with an expert, personalised service thanks to its experienced Sales staff.
In cooperation with its development laboratory, VELOX is producing compounds based on polyether ether ketone (PEEK) under its own brand name VEMAB® PEEK. The new product range includes various glass and carbon fibre reinforced plastics, tribologically optimised formulas as well as customer-specific solutions for extrusion and injection moulding applications.

Additionally, VELOX is offering unmodified PEEK in three different viscosities in granulate and powder form for compounding, extrusion, compression and injection moulding.

“The aim is to bring a high-quality material at a competitive price to the marketplace providing professional technical service and an efficient supply chain. We believe that due to our flexible production and logistics structures we are able to promptly fulfil the requirements of our customers,” comments Ekaterina Boës, Business Development Manager at VELOX.

VELOX will be present at the K-Show from the 19th to 26th of October 2016 in Dusseldorf in hall 6 at booth A23. Our expert team will be pleased to give you more details about the PEEK product range.

Contact at VELOX
Ekaterina Boës
Business Development Manager
T: +49 / (0)40 - 369 688-0
F: +49 / (0)40 - 369 688-88
E: boes(at)

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VELOX presents its plastics specialities at the K Show 2016


VELOX GmbH, a leading European distributor of speciality materials for the plastics industry, will be presenting its current innovative product range at the K Show 2016 from 19 to 26 October in Dusseldorf, Germany, at Booth A23 in Hall 6.
The VELOX product range covers a comprehensive spectrum of speciality plastics for technical, packaging and medical applications as well as purging compounds. Alongside these, the company will also be presenting its range of additives for plastics and rubber, functional fillers and flame retardants as well as many other innovative products for the plastics industry.

This year VELOX will be presenting the latest thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) innovations from its partner Lubrizol Advanced Materials, a leader of the TPU technology. Estane® VSN 9000 is specifically designed to improve the performance of high-end eyewear frames delivering unique and highly desirable properties: self-healing capabilities, excellent dimension stability as well as chemical resistance and is therefore an excellent PA 12 alternative for eyewear frames and other applications.

Polyram Plastic Industries Ltd, a leading global supplier of high performance thermoplastic compounds and long-standing VELOX partner, will present the new tie layer grades Bondyram TL4530 and TL4401. These allow coextrusion of copolyester (PET / PETG) or polystyrene (PS) to adhere to materials such as EVOH, PA and PE resins.

Visitors can discover one more product launch: VEMAB® PEEK. VELOX produces compounds based on polyether ether ketone (PEEK) under its own brand name VEMAB® PEEK in cooperation with its development laboratory. The new product range includes various glass and carbon fibre reinforced plastics, tribologically optimised formulas as well as customer-specific solutions for extrusion and injection moulding applications. Additionally, VELOX will be presenting unmodified PEEK in three different viscosities in granulate and powder form for compounding, extrusion, compression and injection moulding.

VELOX partner ADVANC3D Materials GmbH which specialises in the development, production, sales and distribution of 3D printing materials will be presenting its current 3D printing materials. In particular, filaments made from different polymers distributed by VELOX will be presented at the show. Drop at our booth for a live presentation of a 3D print.

VELOX will also present products by its partner Samyang Engineering Plastics. The company will showcase TRIEL®, a Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPE-E).

VELOX Managing Director François Minec about the company’s participation at the upcoming K Show: “We are looking forward to presenting our new products to our current and potential customers and discuss future projects. VELOX is proud of being accompanied by many of its highly valued partners who share their expertise at our 240 m² booth during the most important show in the European plastics industry“.

VELOX exhibits at numerous leading specialist trade fairs: visit for a list of events where VELOX participates.

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