Suitable for PU-dispersions, synthetic leather, TPU, adhesives, paints & coatings. PU made from DURANOL™ show excellent properties compared to standard polyols (such as Polyester polyols, Polyether polyols, PTMG, PHA, Polycaprolactones) with regard to

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low and high temperature properties
  • Hydrolysis resistance and weather stability
  • Flexibility
  • Soft touch effect
  • Good mechanical properties

In addition, Asahi Kasei DURANOL™ have the following advantages:

  • Large product range with Homo-polymer types and Copolymer Types.
  • Easy to handle because of liquid state at room temperature for most grades.

Polycarbonat-Copolymer-Polyols for Improvement of Flexibility, Resistance and VOC reduction

VELOX in Hamburg is working exclusively together with Asahi Kasei in the innovative and growing field of Polyurethane chemistry.

VELOX offers therefore innovative and patented Copolymer Polycarbonate Polyols to improve:

  • High Flexibility for Soft Touch effect
  • High Resistance against UV, Oil, Chemicals and Abrasion
  • VOC Reduction (for High Solid systems)
  • Easy and safe Handling (liquid grades)

Success Stories in the following applications:

Mobile phones

Car interiors

Electronic coatings

Leather coatings

We offer patented Duranol™ Polycarbonate grades with following advantages:

  • Easy and safe handling: Liquid at room temperature
  • In comparison to standard grades in Powder form these Duranol™ grades are liquid!!!

This provides the following advantages:

  • Easy handling in laboratory and production, no further pre-heating is necessary!!!
  • No safety risk any more
  • Storage of Polycarbonate Polyols in tanks
  • Energy cost savings

VOC Reduction: High Polyol solubility in solvents

The Duranol™ grades are highly soluble in different solvents!!! So you can reduce the amount of your solvent concentration in your formulation.

This provides the following advantages:

  • Production of High Solid System
  • Reduction of VOC content

High Flexibility / Soft Touch effect

Duranol™ T5652 has nearly the same flexibility properties like the very soft Polyol PTMG, but much better resistance properties against oils, chemicals, UV and Abrasion.

This provides the following advantage:

  • High Flexibility for Soft Touch effect with high resistance properties Leather-like feeling coatings for car interior

High Resistance against Oil acid

All Duranol™ grades show excellent resistance properties against oil attack in comparison to standard Polyols like PTMG, PCL and PHA.

Duranol™ T4692 is your best choice for high Oil resistance.

High resistance against Hydrolysis

In comparison to PHA, PCL, PTMG the Duranol™ Polycarbonate-Polyols show excellent hydrolysis resistance properties.

High resistance against Chemicals

- i.e. Sun cream lotion test —

DURANOL™ T4692 passes the Sunscreen Lotion-Test. This test is a demanding standard in the automotive industry to show chemical resistance for coatings.

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Solvent-borne thermoplastic polyester resin. Showing good transparency and superior formability, outstanding adhesive strength on metal and various substrates. 
Applications: binder for can & coil coating, binder for inks, industrial adhesives, adhesives for flexible packaging, adhesives for stamping foil


Hot-melt type polyester, 100% non-volatile thermoplastic resin without containing any water or organic solvent. Wide range of heat resistance, superior chemical resistance, good adhesive strength on fabric, metal and paper. 
Applications: automotive air-, fuel- and oil filters, label & emblem, web adhesives, spangle and fusible interlining, adhesive for metal and plastic, toe lasting, seam sealing for can


Water-soluble thermoplastic resin.
Good adhesive performance, amine/ammonia free, stable pH/viscosity, environmentally-friendly.
Applications: water-based paper coating, clear varnish, vehicle or binder for water-based ink, water-based adhesive modifier for aqueous dispersed resin, etc.. Readily dispersible in water, non-dispersible in ionic environments


Thermoplastic saturated copolyester emulsion for waterborne applications
Excellent water resistance by significantly reducing the polar groups in molecular structure, fast drying properties and outstanding adhesion strength on various substrates

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