ASACLEAN is the world's most known and used purging compound to clean your machine!

When it's time for your next production run - Don't take the last colour with you

If your production machinery is not thoroughly purged of colour and residue, you waste time and money on rejects. Keep your business looking vibrant with ASACLEAN, a commercial purging compound that eliminates all traces of colour, residue and other contaminants from your equipment.

You take care of the production - our granules take care of the cleaning!

It's not clean until it's ASACLEAN

As Manager at your facility, we understand that you are looking for ways to reduce the contamination and scrap rate, and optimise efficiency for colour/resin changeovers. The ultimate goal is to get a machine cleaned quickly so it is ready for the next run. Plastic purging is your answer!

ASACLEAN™ purging compound products allow you the ability to quickly transition between colours and resins with minimal downtime, while also maintaining the integrity of your equipment.

ASACLEAN™ Purging Compounds Benefits

  • Faster changeovers and reduced machine downtime
  • Effective removal of colour and carbon contamination
  • Reduced need for screw-pulls
  • Lower rejects, less scrap
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater cost savings


ASACLEAN™ Plastic Purging Compounds Features

  • Grades available to purge resins between 160°C to 420°C
  • Resin-based purging compounds
  • No mixing or pre-dying is required - ready to use
  • Low affinity to metal surfaces, making it easy to be displaced by most resins
  • Thermally stable, making it ideal for shutdown and sealing


Mechanical cleaning through shear force and different viscosities through a modified molecular weight of the base polymer Removal of impurities like burned material and colour residues through reactive chemical components and a special fluidity Avoidance of material degeneration at temperature changes because of high thermal stabilisation

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