VELOX Company

VELOX - Specialities in Motion across Europe

VELOX is a European leader in the marketing and supply of raw material specialities for the plastics, composites, additives, paints and coatings industries. Established in 1993 by Bernard Goursaud and Max Schlenzig, VELOX' Head Office is located in Hamburg, Germany. The company currently has 21 offices and over 230 experienced staff supporting customers in most European countries as well as Turkey.

We operate in various markets and across a wide industrial spectrum such as  the automotive, cable, electronic, medical, packaging, construction, space & defence, rubber and oil & gas sectors. We offer an extensive range of high-performance products and specific market know-how for these diverse application fields.

Innovation, quality, speed and reliability are VELOX' driving principles.

As a strongly service-orientated company, we understand the value of building personal relationships with our customers and with our providers. We work to establish proactive cooperation in all aspects of our business.